Friday and Saturday will be jam-packed with panels, workshops, and many other fun events. Here’s the hour-by-hour schedule, and see below for a description of events as well.

The full schedule of events.Questions for these panels will be solicited before and during the event via cards, and chosen during the panel by the moderator.

Family Reunion/Meet the Cousins

Friday, 10:30am

Meet friends old and new with silly icebreaker games and a cousin scavenger hunt!

YW Book Discussion

Friday, 11:00am

A semi-structured group discussion about anything and everything Young Wizards. #notyoudd, spoiler friendly

Preliminary Exercises: Yoga

Friday, 12:00pm

Get the wizardry flowing with a short YW themed yoga class! All power levels and bodies welcome.

Writing Workshop

Friday, 1:30pm

Mark Oshiro leads this session on editing and having your work edited, which will include some group editing, collabing, and writing time.

Neurodiversity in YW

Friday, 1:30pm

Discussion circle about neurodiversity in the YW series, in the fandom, and in ourselves. Open to anyone who identifies as neurodivergent, however you choose to define it. Participation in the discussion is wholly optional, you’re welcome to engage or not however you choose. #notyoudd

Diane Reads/Mark Reads

Various times, check the schedule above

Join our GoH for multiple reading sessions over the course of the con—Diane and Mark will read selections of their own works. Mark will also read something from the YW universe.

Star Trek Panel ◆

Friday, 7:00pm

Diane talks about Star Trek as well as some of her other non-wizardly work.


Friday, 8:00pm

A panel of punsters compete against each other in a pun-off. The audience gets to vote by pelting them with crochet tomatoes!

Baron Munchausen

Friday, 8:30pm

Everyone’s favorite collective storytelling game returns with newer and wackier tales to tell! Featuring our Mark, Diane, and others regaling us with stories of their greatest adventures.

Invitational Prep

Friday, 8:30pm

If you’re not quite ready to present your project for the Invitational, join us in the quiet hangout space for crafting time and supplies to help get it ready!


Saturday, 9:30am

Present your greatest spell to our panel of Seniors! Come one and all to our wizardly science fair, where attendees will share projects they’ve created to demonstrate both real and wizardly phenomenon. Everyone gets to vote for their favorites, but the final judging will be done by our GoH!

Engagement with Canon ◆

Saturday, 10:00am

Diane, Mark, and others talk about different ways of engaging with the canon of our favorite works of fiction, including literary criticism, transformative works, and engaging with creators online.


Saturday, 11:15am

Explore the universe from the comfort of your seat, as Alex and Sky take you through the astronomy of Young Wizards.

Science in Sci-Fi ◆

Saturday, 1:45pm

Diane and Mark in conversation on how science and sci-fi interact across different mediums, with questions from Kate Howells.

Linguistics: So You Want to Be Carmela

Sarah talks about how sounds make up spoken language, including looking at sounds that are common and uncommon cross-linguistically. Saturday, 3:00pm

Light, Overshadowed, Evil

Saturday, 4:30pm

Lions and tigers and wizards, oh my! Join us for a discussion of wizardly taxonomy as we explore what species may have wizardry, what it looks like for them, and if there are any fully overshadowed species *coughgeesecough* #notyoudd

Horror Stories from Publishing

Saturday, 7:00pm

Diane and author Lyndsay Ely tell their best/worst stories from the publishing world.


Saturday, 8:30pm

Open mic night returns! Featuring some YW-inspired music and other favorites, as well as poetry and sing-a-longs, come be a part of this musical event.

Quiet Hangout Space

Available throughout the con for quiet hangout time. We’ll have some puzzles, crafting supplies, and other quiet activities available.