CrossingsCon is proud to welcome our guests of honor for 2019!

A picture of Diane Duane
Diane Duane

Appearing in person at CrossingsCon for the first time ever, Diane is the beloved creatrix of the series that makes us laugh, cry, question our place in the Universe, and wait for our cats to talk back (in a language we understand): the Young Wizards series.

Diane Duane has been writing for books, comics, film, and TV for over 30 years. In addition to the 11-and-counting books in the Young Wizards series, she has written numerous other books, including some of the best-loved Star Trek novels. In addition to her work on Star Trek, she has contributed to other beloved sci-fi/fantasy series favorites including Spider-Man, the X-Men, Transformers, My Little Pony, Duck Tales, and others. Diane has received many awards and award nominations, and appeared regularly on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Follow Diane on her website or her blog, Out of Ambit.

A picture of Mark Oshiro
Mark Oshiro

Making his third appearance at CrossingsCon is Mark Oshiro, the Hugo finalist (in the Fan Writer category) creator of the online Mark Does Stuff universe (Mark Reads and Mark Watches), where he analyzes book and television series unspoiled. He was the nonfiction editor of Queers Destroy Science Fiction! and the co-editor of Speculative Fiction 2015 with Foz Meadows. He is the President of the Con or Bust Board of Directors. His first novel, Anger is a Gift, is a YA contemporary about queer friendship, love, and fighting police brutality. When he is not writing, crying on camera about fictional characters, or ruining lives at conventions, he is busy trying to fulfill his lifelong goal: to pet every dog in the world.

We are so excited to have Mark Oshiro return for CrossingsCon 2019! Find Mark on his website or the places where he Does Stuff.

A picture of Kate Howells
Kate Howells

Kate Howells is the author of Space is Cool as Fuck, member of the Government of Canada’s Space Advisory Board and Global Community Outreach Manager at The Planetary Society, an organization that aims to empower people all around the world to become involved in advancing space exploration.

Kate Howells works with The Planetary Society to build and manage a global network of volunteers who do educational outreach in their communities, and to develop volunteer activities that support The Planetary Society’s goals and vision. Kate also leads the development of the Society’s youth education program. Based in Montreal, Kate represents The Planetary Society in Canada and leads the development of advocacy and outreach work there, and is pursuing a Master of Arts in Educational Studies at Concordia University.

We are super excited to have Kate attend CrossingsCon 2019! You can read more about her here.