Every day at CrossingsCon will have something different happening. Read below for the outline of each day, and check the ‘Full Schedule’ drop-down above for the hourly schedule of events. If you have any questions feel free to reach out at e[email protected].

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Attendees at a panel at CrossingsCon 2018

Friday is built around saying hi to old cousins and meeting new ones! We'll introduce our Guests of Honor at opening ceremonies, play games with each other, and have a variety of panels, activities, and book signings.

We've got a lot of cool stuff on the schedule for Friday (which we'll be revealing as the year goes on) — and make sure you're well rested, because we'll be going long into the night!

Emily Skrutskie and Mark Oshiro answer questions

On Saturday, we kick it up a notch. We'll have stories, discussions, panels, and the highly-requested return of lightning talks. And there's a secret conwide event we have planned that you're going to want to come prepared for. On Saturday night, we'll play games (Cards Against Errantry, anyone?) and hang out until the hotel kicks us back to our rooms.

Four cousins ready to go whale-watching on a boat

Day three has us leaving the hotel and striking out into Montréal's gorgeous Space For Life. You'll have the option of joining a group or going off on your own as we tour the planetarium and insectarium. We'll also go on a guided tour through the amazing botanical gardens.

After we've explored the Space for Life thoroughly, we'll ring out CrossingsCon 2019 with closing ceremonies, and we'll finish with our post-con party (a.k.a. dead dog) somewhere nearby.