While you’re buying your badge, why not take the opportunity to get yourself some sweet CrossingsCon swag to go with it?

All merchandise must be ordered with your badge and will be available for pickup at CrossingsCon. Prices listed include tax.

CrossingsCon 2017 Shirt

Adorn yourself in proof that you made it to CrossingsCon 2017!

T-shirt design reading 'CROSSINGSCON 2017 submarine intervention group' in blue and green on a navy blue field with illustrated shark and whale

Our shirts come in unisex cut (sizes S–5XL, sizing chart) and women’s cut (sizes S–3XL, sizing chart). They cost $24.

Young Wizards Tea Packs

We are excited to bring you several new blends of loose-leaf tea this year, inspired by your favorite characters! Each tin is $5.25.

S'reee tea labelCarl tea labelPeach tea label

  • Ed: The Master Shark doesn’t need any caffeine to keep him going. In fact, this herbal blend reflects his preternatural calm. Be careful, though! Blood orange and red peppercorns provide a bit of a “bite” to keep you on your toes. Green rooibos bonita, honeybush vanilla, blood orange with red peppercorn.
  • S’reee: Fun and fruity, this young Senior’s blend sings of days on the beach and relaxing with friends. Naturally sweet and caffeine-free, good for a cool head in a crisis, or just chilling out. Also delicious iced! Mango melange, watermelon cooler, lemon grass with pineapple.
  • Carl Romeo: Stressed out about a project? Agreed to do something you wish you hadn’t? Feeling afraid? Carl Romeo is here to comfort and calm you, focus and fortify you. He’d sell you some extra time if he could, but you’ll just have to make do with this toasty cocoa mate, deepened with pu-erh and smoothed out with cream. It is high in caffeine, but should leave you less jittery than coffee. Mocha nut mate, pu erh dante, cream with cocoa nibs.
  • A caffeine-free variant on Machu Picchu: Sweet and fruity, warm and comforting, this cheeky, punny, bird-cum-Power will never steer you wrong. Naturally caffeine-free rooibos for when your hands need to be steady or bedtime is finally approaching. Or any other time of day! Rooibos peach, honeybush apricot, rooibos vanilla chai with apple pieces.
  • A caffeine-free variant on Ponch: A caffeine-free version of the original Ponch blend. Friendly and nutty, to help you keep up with all the squirrels that must be chased, and sweet and comforting, for when someone you love becomes something even greater. Blueberry tea and cornflowers can’t quite measure up to the Crossings’ blue food, but it’s pretty close. Rooibos vanilla, honeybush hazelnut, berry blues with cornflowers.

Three Packs

Good things come in threes, and tea is no exception. Each of these three-packs, made with blends that compliment each other, costs only $13.50 (which saves you almost 15%!):

  • Twelvesong: Nita Callahan + Ed + S’reee
  • Seniori-tea: Carl Romeo + Ed + S’reee
  • Three Powers walk into a bar… (caffeine-free): Darryl McAllister + Ponch + Machu Picchu

And More!

Click here to see all the flavors we have for sale. Or check out our Tea FAQ.